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Assess your team with Church Planter Profiles

Church Planter Profiles has been providing valuable assessment tools to church planters and church planting networks, churches and organizations for over 15 years. Now, we have created a way for you to assess your launch and leadership teams.

An effective and well-rounded launch team is critical in a successful church plant.  Use CPP Teams to help build an effective launch team that represents all the needed gifts and strengths to successfully plant a church.  Some of the important things to look for in team members are visionary leadership, teaching, apostleship, shepherd, administration, activation and strong people skills, etc.  CPP is a tool that will help you effectively build your team.

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Then, check out "How It Works" to learn more about our assessment tools.

If you already have a Church Planter Profile Account – Log In and click on the “Teams” page in your dashboard to find out how you can create a team account.

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