Church Planter Profiles was created to help potential church planters discern their aptitude and readiness for starting a new church quickly and easily in an online environment.

1. Create an Account

A Church Planter Profiles account provides secure and confidential access to the website.

2. Take the Initial Assessment

The ISA is an 85 question survey that will assess your readiness in four areas critical to church planting effectiveness.

3. Get results immediately

See your readiness compared to the benchmark standards and others who are interested in church planting.

Compare Profiles

Initial Screening Assessment


Assess your readiness in the areas of:

  • Church Planting Experience
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Ministry Experience
  • Relational Evangelism

Full Planter Profile

Only $99

The full profile includes:

  • Golden Personality Profile
  • Portrait Predictor
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • 360 Evaluation
  • Plus integration of StrengthsFinder results

Bundle Package

Only $114

Purchase both at once for discounted pricing!

The bundle package includes:

  • The Initial Screening Assessment
  • The Entire Full Planter Profile
  • A $4.95 Discount!

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